Sassari and surroundings

Sassari is an italian city about 127.000 inhabitants. The city is the capital of the namesake district of Sardinia. Sassari is an important university site and archbishopric and it's the fifth national district for extension well as the second district of the island. The town is full of squares, as Piazza d'Italia (the most important square in city) located on the edge of medieval old town. Also worth visiting Piazza Castello, Piazza Tola and the various religious architectures as Cattedrale San Nicola , and the churches of Santa Maria di Betlem and San Pietro in Silki; archaeological sites as Monte d'Accoddi the pre-nuragical altar , a stepped pyramid and the Fiume Santo fossil bed where were found Oreopithecus bamboli's bones an anthropomorphous primate lived around 8-9 millions years ago.


La Cavalcata Sarda” and “La Discesa dei Candelieri” are the most important manifestations of the city.

La Cavalcata Sarda, usually performed in May, it's a parade of many countries of Sardinia, and their costumes. The event last until the evening with horse racing at the racecourse Pinna and traditional sardinian songs and dances in Piazza d'Italia.

La Discesa dei Candelieri, (“Downhill of Candlesticks”), typically called “Faradda” takes place August 14th, and it's the main celebration of city. Every year it brings about 120000 spectators. It was born like a vow to Blessed Virgin of the Assumption that has freed the city from an epidemic plague. 10 candles wood dancing run through the two main streets of the old town up to the Santa Maria di Betlem church for the dissolution of the vote. It 'a very old tradition; some sources date the first downhill to the year 1528.

They've become UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2013. A totally unique event, not to be missed.



-Santissima Annunziata Hospital – Viale Italia - 20 minutes*;

- Ethnografic Museum of Sardinia “G.A. Sanna” - Via Roma 64 - 20 minutes*;

- Conservatory of Music Luigi Canepa - Piazza Capuccini - 20 minutes *;

- Sport Hall Palaserradimigni and Vanni Sanna Stadium - Piazza Antonio Segni 25 minutes *;

- University of Sassari: Piazza Università - 20 minutes*;

- Via Tavolara ( Hinterland Bus Stop ) - 20 minutes *;

*approximate time



  • Cavalcata Sarda
    Cavalcata Sarda
  • Necropoli Li Curuneddi
    Necropoli Li Curuneddi
  • Fontana Di Rosello
    Fontana Di Rosello
  • Cattedrale San Nicola
    Cattedrale San Nicola
  • Piazza d'Italia
    Piazza d'Italia
  • Università degli Studi di Sassari
    Università degli Studi di Sassari
  • Discesa dei Candelieri - La
    Discesa dei Candelieri - La "Faradda"
  • Chiesa Santa Maria in Betlem
    Chiesa Santa Maria in Betlem
  • Monte d'Accoddi
    Monte d'Accoddi
  • Piazza Azuni
    Piazza Azuni
  • Museo Nazionale G.A. Sanna
    Museo Nazionale G.A. Sanna
Seaside Resorts

A few minutes from B&B i 4 Venti is possible reach Platamona, a large expanse of white sand and seashell, and its pond. With its 15 km, it extendes on coastal strip between Asinara Gult and Abbacurrente tower toward Porto Torres, is one of the longest beaches of Norh Sardinia




15 minutes * – Porto Torres and tourist harbour

30 minutes *- Castelsardo

38 minutes* - Porto Ferro

40/50 minutes* - Badesi and Isola Rossa

40 minutes* - Stintino Beaches (Ezzi Mannu,Pazzona,Le Saline,La Pelosa)

40 minutes* - Alghero (town,beaches and airport)

50 minutes* - Argentiera (beach and mining village)

*approximate time


  • Stintino - Spiaggia La Pelosa
    Stintino - Spiaggia La Pelosa
  • Spiaggia di Alghero
    Spiaggia di Alghero
  • Argentiera
  • Isola Rossa
    Isola Rossa
  • Porto Ferro
    Porto Ferro
  • Porto Torres
    Porto Torres
  • Castelsardo

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